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Yew Tree's At Chalice Well

The ancient yews at chalice well garden Glastonbury tell a centuries old tale of death and rebirth.

This transformation within not just nature but all of us happens more than once in our

physical and spiritual lifetimes. Transformation is an ongoing journey, one of pain, suffering, joy and celebration and everything that goes in between.

#But what are these ancient yews telling us?

Not to be scared of it, not to resist it, that change and transformation is the sheer essence of this season.

Remembering what has gone and looking forward to what is to come - all without knowing whatโ€™s coming - all whilst allowing your path to present itself to you in a fluid and feminine way.

I think of one of these trees as masculine energy and one as feminineโ€ฆ.

The masculine energy then comes in to show you how to make progress on that path by aiding you with logic and confidence.

Death, rebirth and transformation can be sticky but allow whatever faith or spiritual stance you take to guide and support you through changes.

What are you leaving behind in October ?

What does the next year look like for you?

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