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What Is It?

Are you interested in growing your intuition?

Do you want to connect on a deeper level spiritually?

Are you looking for alternative ways to support your physical and mental wellbeing?

Then I may just have the right thing for you…

When we hear the call or we sense a deeper knowing within us it can trigger lots of questions and conversations, it can also be totally confusing to know which way to turn.

The yearning to understand more of the unseen, to understand why other people effect your energy and how to manage that, the urge to be outside in the forest when you are feeling mentally exhausted…can all be signs of a higher calling and what some people would describe as a spiritual awakening.

To understand where you fit in with it all and learn more about harnessing the power of all things spiritual and natural is a big undertaking, but it is a bloody exciting one too.

Support of like minded people within a private community, where you can feel safe and confident is key to helping you develop your intuition, your connection to spirit and understanding more about the wonderful unseen parts of the universe that we live in.

So I have created that space for you.

Introducing the ‘Awakened Soul Tribe’ 

This community held in a PRIVATE group on Facebook will be a ‘common room’ of sorts for all of us budding spiritual enthusiasts. The mission of this group is to support you and guide you on your spiritual journey. No two journeys are the same and there is much we can learn from each other.

In this special space I will be sharing things I have learnt so far, my journey is by no means over, no-ones ever is, but I am hoping that I can assist you with yours.

What You Get As A Member Of the ‘Awakened Soul Tribe’

Monthly Live One Card Readings For The Group

Within the group I will do a live video monthly, where I will use one of my (many) decks of tarot and oracle cards to deliver messages of guidance and support to you from spirit. This can be a great way to get a quick direct answer to a question, support when you need it, direction with a decision you need to make, the possibilities are endless.

Monthly Live Group Guided Meditation

This relaxing session will take you through the basics of a guided meditation, to balance your chakras, calm an overactive mind and relax your body. Whether you be an avid meditator or a beginner this session will suit you, it will not only relax you but connect you to your guides and angels.

Magical Musings With Mer  

Before every Q + A I will ask you to submit any questions around improving your physical and mental wellbeing. Then on the live I will share with you my thoughts and answers. It’s like a virtual cup of tea and chin wag about all things weird and wonderful.

Fortnightly Energy Updates

This will include information about the moon phases, astrological effects, energy shifts…it’s like a little heads up of what to expect every two weeks!

Special Bonuses And Benefits

There will be lots of added extras along the way, including live workshops and healing sessions and you will receive 10% off any of the virtual and distance treatments including Reiki, Physic Readings And Virtual Consultations.

The door's only open for new members three times a year - so if you would love to be a part of the tribe, join our waiting list by registering your interest below.

Only £20 A Month

Cancel Any Time


Please send an email to to register your interest for when the doors open again Autumn 2024.

Awakened Soul Tribe: About
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