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Image by Susanna Marsiglia


Supporting Connection And Alignment

Through a combination of reiki, crystal energy work, spiritual guidance, sound therapy and talking therapy I create a personalised plan, tailored to your individual needs to achieve healing on every level.

Together we will focus on accepting and releasing the stagnant energy caused by trauma, negative beliefs or a low sense of self-worth .

This facilitates a process of renewal, rebirth and mindful rejuvenation - enabling you to achieve clarity, balance and ultimately the ability to live a life you want.

A healing session can support you in times of need, guide you when you need direction and help you align with your soul's purpose. 

This combination of reiki, crystal healing and spiritual guidance can bring some old emotions to the surface, often signifying old trauma that needs to be released. 

Trauma in the mind can often show itself in our physical health, removing these blockages and healing the aura can help improve overall wellbeing.

Healing Sessions: Services
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