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Meditation And Mindfulness

Today is world meditation day … 21st May

Not only does this mean we celebrate and share our journeys with meditation but it’s also a way to encourage and guide others to get into this relaxing and healing activity.

The origins of meditation are hazy, whether it be Indian, Buddhist, pagan, Christian or any other religion you can see a version of the practice in nearly every religion. The great thing about this truly beneficial activity is you do not have to be religious; you do not have to follow certain groups; you don’t even need to sit in the lotus position saying ommmmmm!

Meditation simply is time to go into the silence and quiet our mind. By starting with deep breathing in a quite space with your eyes closed, you will instantly start to feel more relaxed and present.

Acknowledging thoughts that pass through your mind whilst in this state is easy it’s the not engaging with them that’s hard, that all comes with time and practice.

A clear mind will eventually be easy for you to achieve and if you need some help I’ve linked some great guided meditations below.

Now I know that all sounds fantastic however I also know that not all our lives allow us maybe enough time or freedom to be still and quiet for any particular length of time.

So that means a great place to start is just some easy quick mindfulness techniques before maybe dedicating a whole 10 minutes or even an hour to meditation.

Why not try out a few of these ideas first.

– Think of three things you are grateful for, how much happiness they bring you and what difference they make to your life

– For 3 minutes try some deep breathing exercises, inhale to the count of 4, hold to the count of 5 and breathe out to a count of 6

– Make a list either mentally or physically of 3 wins you’ve had in the last week. Something as simple as a good parking space at work, £10 lottery win, successful trip out with the kids etc

– Try a couple of times to get out in the garden bare foot with your feet on the grass/ground for 20 minutes – this will help neutralise over active positive ions in your body helping facilitate better sleep, balanced hormones, better energy levels etc

– If you are already practising mindfulness and meditation then I’ve included below some links to some great YouTube channels for guided meditation and healing music.

Guided Meditation YouTube Channels

Meditation Music

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