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5 Easy Steps To A Better Night’s Sleep

Looking at the clock hour after hour?

Think you are just about to drop off and then you start thinking about your list of ‘To Do’s’?

 Find yourself waking consistently at the same time and not being able to drop back off?

Then you are not alone!

Sleeping issues and insomnia can affect up to 50% of the population at any one time! Scary, isn’t it? However, there are some steps you can take and routines that you can put into place today to make going to sleep tonight a truly relaxing experience; And just as importantly wake up feeling refreshed!

Our lifestyles today are completely different to how they were 50 years ago, even 20 years ago. With our work/life balance continuously tipping more towards work, it’s no surprise we find it difficult to ‘shut off’, relax, re-energize efficiently and listen to our body’s needs. BUT, if we are to keep up to speed with our commitments whether that be work of family wise it is essential that we are giving our body’s the time to recharge effectively. The only way we can do that is by getting regular, quality sleep.

So, I’ve put together for you a few ideas and routines to put in place to help you get that quality sleep that not only do you need but you also deserve!

Step 1

Routine Is Key!

For our minds to successfully rest and ‘shut off’ we need to draw a line on our working day when it is done. Easier said than done, I know this myself, however having a routine in place will help with this.

Things such as turning off work phones, shutting off emails, locking the house up, closing the curtains, turning the TV off all at the same times every night will make your body start to recognize it is time to wind down and prepare for sleep.

Try to stick to the same time to go to bed to every night, your body will start to recognize this routine which will in turn give you a more rested sleep.

Step 2

Take A Note Pad To Bed!

Even when we are in a routine or think we are relaxed our minds can still play over different thoughts again and again.

Family issues, work commitments, shopping lists, kids school trips etc. are all things that we can and probably most of us do think about intently whilst in bed.

Yes, these things are important; however, you need to tell yourself that this time is for you and those things can be dealt with tomorrow.

So, have your pen and paper ready! When you are led, there thinking ‘why won’t my mind shut off’ just make a list of the thoughts and ideas that are running through your head.

Once they are there on paper you won’t forget them and they are out of your head till the next day!

Step 3

Get Into Nature!

Did you know it’s not just lavender that can help you sleep better? Below is a list of few plants you might want to introduce to the bedroom (and by that I do not mean a full-on garden, maybe just one plant!)

Aloe Vera


Spider Plant


Peace Lily

Step 4

Breathe Deeply And Let Go!

The majority of us nowadays have a mobile phone that can connect to the internet or a device that can play music in the bedroom. So why not plug is some headphones and listen to some music or a meditation to soothe your mind and send you into a blissful sleep.

Guided meditations and ambient music can help us regulate our breathing and help us to ignore any other distractions whether they be physical or in our minds. I’ve listed below a couple of great YouTube meditation links and some relaxing music.

Just be careful not to have any wires around your head and neck when you fall asleep!

The Honest Guys – Guided Sleep Meditation

The Honest Guys – Pure Healing And Relaxation

Soothing Sleep And Relaxation Music

Step 5

Smells That Whisk You Away

As most of us know lavender is fantastic to help encourage sleep, but not all of us are fond of the fragrance. But did you know that they are so many other fragrances and essential oils that can help aid restful sleep?

Below I have included a table of information regarding essential oils and how to use them to aid sleep.

However, please be very careful when using essential oils, the can be very effective and potentially dangerous if used or taken incorrectly.Essential OilUseHow much?Clary SageBurn the oil

Add some to your bed linen

Use in a massage lotionIn an oil burner add 3-4 drops in 1 tbsp. of water

2 drops on each pillow maximum

Mix 2-3 drops of oil with 15mls of carrier oil for a massageRoman Chamomile

Burn the oil

Add some to your bed lined

Use in a massage lotionIn an oil burner add 2-3 drops in 1 tbsp. of water

1 drop per pillow

Mix 1-2 drops of oil with 15mls of carrier oil for a massageCedarwoodBurn the oilIn an oil burner add 3-4 drops in 1 tbsp. of waterLavender

(she couldn’t be left out!)Burn the oil

Add some to your bed linen

Use in a massage lotionLavender is fantastic to blend with all the other oils mentioned.

So, go halves on all the above mixes

For Example

In an oil burner use 2 drops lavender and 2 drops chamomile with 1 tbsp. of waterBergamotAs LavenderAs Lavender

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