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How Do I Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Are you desperate for a good night’s sleep.  Wayhey – then this is the article for you! Talking of being in bed, talking about your bed, sinking into your bed, just showing your bed some love!

Getting a great nights sleep is something A LOT of us really strive for, so here I will talk about some great tips and advice about that perfect nights sleep and share some facts about the notorious ‘good night’s sleep’,

So lets talk SLEEP!

Do you struggle to stay asleep? Find it difficult to relax before going to sleep? Wake up unnecessarily early?

You may well answer yes to one, two or three of those questions, please be assured you are not alone.

Research by the Sleep Council has found that on average over ¼ of us say we sleep poorly!


That over 70% of us get less than 7 hours sleep a night


One third of Britons now sleep for just five-to-six hours per night! 

So what are some easy ways to help us at least get an extra hour or two or even just not wake 2-3 times a night (yes that’s the average!)

With almost half of Britons say that stress or worry keeps them awake at night (47%) our first sleep ‘issue’ to deal with is how to relax well before trying to go to sleep.

Here Are A Few Of My Top Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

  1. For at least 20 minutes before climbing into bed try to NOT look at your phone, tv or computer screen, not only does the artificial light fool our eyes into thinking its day time but also seeing/reading story’s that are emotion provoking can mean we are not as relaxed as we should be before going to bed.

  2. Having said that listening to music before bed can be very beneficial. Use relaxation binaural brainwave beats to help aid restful sleep. Not sure where to find this sort of music? Here’s a couple of links to some great CD’S:

  3. Sleep CD No #1 Sleep CD No #2

  4. Certain smells can affect your mood helping you to feel more calm and relaxed. Lavender and germanium are naturally calming, so invest in some essential oils to help you drift off.

  5. Putting a couple of drops on your pillow at night can make all the difference. Just be sure to check if anyone using it has any allergies first.

  6. Trying to not drink tea or coffee for at least 2 hours before bed time.

  7. Having a warm bath.

  8. Making sure your room is completely dark.

Now Let’s Talk About Your Bed

I don’t profess to be any sort of expert about bed purchasing, so the lovely people over at have got some great advice for us all!

The foundation of a great night’s sleep is a comfortable bed. The right mattress can make a huge difference between a restful and restless night, saving you from fatigue and irritability for the rest of the day.

  1. An unsupportive mattress will encourage a poor sleeping posture, which prevents you from good sleep. If you regularly wake up with aches and pains, it’s probably time to change your mattress.

  2. Always put quality above price. Of course, there are some perfectly acceptable low-priced mattresses available, but when it comes to your bed, spend as much as you can afford. The right support is crucial. If your bed is too hard or soft, it will be uncomfortable and unsupportive. Your mattress should be firm enough to support your spine in the correct alignment while conforming to your body’s contours.

  3. Always try before you buy! Lay down on each bed that you’re seriously considering, spending a good 10-15 minutes realizing its comfort and support levels. Try several different positions (we all move 40-60 times per night), and remember that if two people will be sleeping on this mattress, test it out together.

Until Next Time …

Now I don’t know about you but all this talk about beds is making me ready for a good night’s sleep!    If you feel the same, why not try out some of my suggestions for a few nights and see what difference it makes!  Let me know what’s worked for  you.

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