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Combat Those Winter Colds And Flu

Colds, Sniffles, Coughs, Flu

They are all things that can affect us all year round but predominantly throughout the colder winter months. Colds and flu cost not only the NHS a lot of money every year, but also our own pockets because of buying expensive over the counter remedy’s.

Winter can see a big rise in colds and flu because central heating, not getting out in the fresh air, equally not keeping ourselves warm are just a few things that can be contributing factors. Most importantly our immune system needs plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals to keep on top of those colds and flu. The obvious way to do this is to eat a healthy balanced diet, however we all know from time to time that can go out the window, so maybe introducing some other natural alternatives around the home can help hold off those pesky germs.

Here’s a few of my own personal suggestions:

Lemon – The great fruit to detoxify!  Add some lemon to your water in the morning to help cleanse the body of any toxic build-up.

Eucalyptus – Great for the airwaves!  Add a couple of drops to an oil burner to help ease congestion, you could even add 3-4 drops to a bath.

Tea-Tree – The all-rounder!  Burn a few drops, add a some to your bath, apply to cuts and sores…the possibilities are endless!

Ginger – Immune booster!  Add to food and drink to give your immune system a good boost!

Humidify the air around you.  Keep a bowl of water near the radiators to ensure the air doesn’t get too dry from the central heating.

Embrace fresh air.  Even though the day light hours are short try and get out in as much of it as you can.

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