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Finding Yourself?

Its been a long time since I last knew myself- which I grant you sounds crazy right?

What the plan was, what direction to go, what I wanted and most importantly what I needed.

Feeling vulnerable wasn’t an option over the last couple of years.

Ego took over, a need to step up took over, a need to prove I was capable took over.

But that didn’t feed my soul, it taught me lessons granted, gave me experience and admittedly enabled me to discover strength I never knew I had but it didn’t nourish my soul.

However I disconnected from my needs and wants, that was my choice to enable me to focus on giving which in turn meant I stopped receiving - if you’ve ever watched vampire diaries it’s like flipping the humanity switch lol

Yes I had work, money and a roof over my head and for that I am extremely grateful.

But I’ve been missing something, I still am.

Now is the time and the journey of discovering me again, understanding what my body, soul and spirit need. Discovering who Marie is without all the other stuff.

A sort of rebirth, awakening if you will.

And now I know that’s what it is I’m excited.

It’s okay to feel lost, it’s okay to trust that the universe has your back, it’s okay to allow changes.

Most importantly don’t ever feel guilty for wanting more.

It’s okay to want more…..

Don’t stop striving for better for yourself.

Allow yourself to surrender and become vulnerable to really feeling into what it is you need or want.

Play more and do more, see what it is that feeds your soul.


This or more please!

Blessed be.

My adventures and little nights away allow me the time and space to understand this new version of me, this version of me that has been changed and has adapted to fit the life I chose over the last couple of years.

It’s an exploration of soul, going to places that make me feel like I’ve come home is part of nurturing myself.

Where I feel like I connect, where I feel like I can nourish and nurture that part of me that wants to bust out!

What are you doing this weekend?

Samhain is all about rebirth - allow yourself the time to give thanks for what has already passed this year and welcome in what is to come.

What do you want to leave behind in October and what new fires do you want to light?

Love and light

M x


It’s okay to vulnerable this is a safe space - if you feel you want to add comments or talk about your own experiences then please share, I ask that people’s personal experiences and shares are not shared with others outside of this group - my posts included - sometimes we all need a safe space to talk, text or chat whichever.

That is what this space is for!

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